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Question: What is the difference between a monogram and initials?

Answer: Initials have all letters the same size, in the first, middle, last name sequence.
Monograms have the last name initial enlarged and centered between two smaller initials, (representing the first and middle names).

Question: I wish to order monogrammed notes. I am concerned about the initial placement on the monogram. My initials, in order, are MAS, for Mary Anne Smith. How do I order my monogram so that the S is in the middle and enlarged, with the M and A on either side?

Answer: Initials should be entered in this sequence: first name initial, middle name initial, last name initial. (i.e.: MAS for Mary Anne Smith).
Monograms should be entered in this sequence: first name initial, last name initial, middle name initial. (i.e. MSA).

Question: I am interested in ordering some of your blank imprintable invitations, but I am not very good with the printer I have. Can you print the invitations for me?

Answer: Yes, we would be happy to laser print your invitations. We use laser imprinting (flat, black print only). There is a small charge for this service, but we discount the industry going rates to offer our customers a great value for a much-needed service.

Question: I noticed some of the stick figures on your samples were drawn as ballerinas or with a hockey stick etc. Can I customize my order too?

Answer: Yes, there are many possibilities to customize your stick figure characters. All small pads include two characters that may be "themed" at no charge. All large pads include up to three characters that may be "themed" at no charge (or 6 plain characters). Additional figures will incur an additional charge of $3.00 each. Please contact us prior to placing your order so we may accommodate your request!

Question: Do you offer discounts on large quantities of blank invitation stock?

Answer: Yes, we will extend a discount to orders over 100 pieces per item over a quantity of 100. Although our vendors do not extend this discount to us, we offer it to our customers!

Question: When is a response card and envelope necessary?

Answer: Response cards are important when you need to make reservations for a reception or dinner with a caterer or restaurant. Response cards allow your guests to inform you how many will be attending the event so you can plan accordingly. If you do not need to know an exact head count, a response card is not necessary.

Question: Should I include a reception card with my wedding invitations?

Answer: The wedding ceremony and receptions are two distinctly different events. Traditional etiquette dictates the need for separate cards. Reception cards are useful in instances when not all ceremony guests may be invited to the reception. Reception cards are also used to include information specific only to the reception, such as time, location, and directions.

Question: How soon will I get my order?

Answer: If you ordered multiple items, you may receive partial shipments from different sources. Do not be alarmed if your order does not all ship together. Items beginning with "EG" are our fastest shippers, and you will receive them in about a week, longer during the holiday season. Note: Please allow three weeks (sometimes less) for any of our stick figure products.

Question: I'd like to see some samples of your formal wedding invitations. Can you send me samples?

Answer: Our samples are bound into large albums. Since printing for formal invitations and announcements are not done in-house, we do not have inventory on hand to send out samples, although we make every effort to accommodate special requests when possible.

Question: Would you please send me a catalog of your products?

Answer: We have several different catalogs of personalized stationery products only. Since we work with many different suppliers, we do not currently have one catalog that includes every product.

Question: I want to pay for my order with my credit card, but I don't see where to put in the number. Can I call you with the number?

Answer: ConfettiStationery.com uses Paypal exclusively to process all of our credit card transactions. Paypal enables anyone with an email address to securely, easily and quickly send payments online. You do not have to be a Paypal member. You simply pay Paypal, and Paypal pays us. We do not maintain an in-house merchant account that allows us to accept and process your credit card information over the phone. For more information about Paypal, go to www.paypal.com.

Question: I'd like to place an order, but I live in Europe. Do you ship outside the United States?

Answer: We do not ship outside of the United States. We may or may not be able to accommodate a special request, however, this usually incurs significant additional shipping charges.